Sunday, May 22, 2011

This blog has a random picture of me pitching.. for absolutely no reason.


Hey everybody.  I know it's been awhile, but the world has been a crazy place.

We are closing in on the last 3 weeks before the Dunedin sprint Triathlon.  I, as per usual, have not been training appropriately and therefore will be rededicating my efforts to see if i can do this without perishing.

I just got back from the gym a little while ago and I'm proud to say several things:

1)  This was a wildly productive sunday for me... made so even more because everyone thought the rapture was upon us.  I  doubt I would have made the cut for big luau in the sky, but I definitely planned on going all mad max in bensalem, PA.  So, since there was no armageddon...

2)  What is with all the people talking about the rapture after it was supposed to happen.  I get that people had to talk about it on the build up.... but even then, there were non religious folks talking about it.  Here's the paradox for that.  If you're a non believer and you're talking about an event that might happen (that can only happen by the entity you don't believe in) guess what.  You believe it too, on some level.  I'm just saying, if you wanna be an non religious person, then more power to you, but that means you should talk less about the rapture and ask me how "glee" was this week.  Last week's sucked for the record.

3)Hit the gym today and I'm feeling froggy.  I have been running in the mornings at the track up the road from my house, but today felt like a real butt kicker of a work out.  so I say hoorah for me.

4) I also hit the recipe page to dust off an old gem.  Turkey Chili.  It rocks.  I went heavy on the veggies because according to weight watchers ( yea, I joined weight watchers.. so sue me) veggies are good for you.  I'm suspect, but I'll give it a whirl. 

The chili rocked, the gym wore me out, the house is clean, laundry is done, and the car has be wiped down and armor alled... thats a good sunday.

In conclusion... much thanks to the gorilla man for keeping the magic rolling and lets get out there and change some lives...

just kidding, we can probably all just keep doing what we're doing and we'll be fine.  toodles.

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  1. Welcome back! Excited to hear how the training goes these last few weeks! Let us know the details about the Dunedin Tri and we'll try to come out to support you if we are around!