Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top o' the 9th - 33's are raining supreme tonight.

Sorry for the late post everyone,
Just got back from what us triathletes call a brick.  Combo of 2 of the events... bike and swim tonight.  Git it Git it.  Tired and feeling it.  Rocking a little Dooley Noted and some special K fruit and yogurt serial (highly recommend it)
Thanks for the nod to the playlist Gorilla Man...  I try to mix it up.  Anyways on to the Baseball of the evening.
Old number 33 is feeling for senor Aceves this evening.  Tough game... who cares... its not even july yet.  So this is all just the preamble to the dash to October.  Am i right or am i right? Still hanging around the top of the AL East, just sitting in striking distance for the when the moment comes.
As far as Baseball in general goes.  There is a saying that I am fond of (partly because I am a former pitcher, but partly because its true) "A win goes to the team, a loss goes to the pitcher". 
Think about it.  In order for a team to lose, the other team has to score.  99% of the time those runs are attributed as earned runs... which implies the pitcher was delinquent in his defensive assault on the enemy.  I can say from experience that sometimes the batter's stuff is just better than yours on that particular day.  Then look at the article below.  it was the second to last sentence before they give a nod to the 12 straight wins this guy has.  I urge anyone to sporadically do something against the best in the world at their chosen profession... see if you can beat them 12 times...
So I say chin up...  leave it on the field... blah blah blah.
BTW - look at the old man behind the dish himself.  A fellow number 33... showing dominance in his twilight years.  Give em hell Tek!
Article from tonight's game:
BOSTON -- Alfredo Aceves could not make it three straight stellar starts in place of the injured John Lackey.
In fact, the righty didn't come close to a strong outing on Tuesday night at Fenway Park.
The White Sox jumped on him early, handing the Red Sox a 10-7 loss. After reeling off 15 wins in 17 games, Boston has lost three in a row.
Aceves went five-plus innings, allowing eight hits and eight runs, six of which were earned. He walked three and struck out one.
A leadoff walk to Paul Konerko opened the floodgates in a four-run second inning. Shortstop Jed Lowrie also made a costly error in that frame.
While Aceves had a hard time stopping the bleeding from the mound, Philip Humber smoothly held down the Boston bats.
A home run by Jason Varitek marked Boston's only damage over the first seven innings.
Aceves had won 12 straight decisions dating back to June 7, 2009, before taking the loss.
It could be his last start for a while, as Lackey is scheduled to join Boston's rotation on Sunday afternoon against the Oakland Athletics.
Boston notched four runs in the eighth inning, as Drew Sutton hit an RBI single and David Ortiz hit a three-run homer.

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