Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Good morning everybody,

Been a little light on the posts this week.  The Surgeon General came into town on Thursday afternoon so we have been living it up in the North Philly area.

So the general hit the grocery store... I'm not saying anything, but next time you see her ask how long it took her to get there... anyways, she hit the store and my fridge has never been this full.  It is chock full of healthy goodness.  She even took my aging bananas and made blueberry/banana bread.  It was heaven in a loaf.

We hung out on Saturday and did a couple of errands.  I got some slick shorts for next week's triathlon.  I got some new shades for the event.  We did healthy breakfast, healthy lunch, then 3 monkeys for dinner.  I got the Tuscan wrap and the general got the "chimp and cheese" (grill cheese).  the entree and the appetizer (hummas, feta, beans, pita, etc.) were awesome. 

We did the dinner then off to the movies (Xmen first class) and that was a day worth having.

We slipped a workout in down at the track on Saturday.  1.5 mile run, 10 sprints, then a walk and a showere before we hit the town.  We're feeling good after the workout, and I am glad to say that my 1 mile time is down almost a full minute from 1 month ago.  On May 7th I did a mile in 8:36... on June 4th I did a mile in 7:45.

Today, we did the gym thing again.  A quick 9 miler on the bike and a 500 meter swim. 

Rock on with my bad self... last 6 days until the Dunedin Triathlon... time to get down to bidness.

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