Saturday, June 18, 2011

"... and Saturday comes after that." - Rebecca Black

hey everybody...

Hope everyone had fun at the parade, or watching the parade today.  I myself had some errands and what nots to do... so I'll be catching up on, much like I always do.

Hit the roads today in search of a better living arrangement.  This apartment kind of sucks.  By kind of, I mean a lot.

It was built in the 70's and after the allure of the view of the river wear off, you're just left with an old broken down 1 bedroom apartment that has the loudest ac unit ever created by man.

I checked some places, but nothing really stuck out.  They are all super expensive and I have to make sure the next place I move to is not a big ol' bait and switch.

I got back to la casa and watched the "The Kennedy's" mini series on Netflix.  Good TV... It works great in my schedule because I've listening to an audio book history of the kennedy's starting back when Joe Sr. was a boy.  It definitely helped me understand a few references in the series that they don't expand on.

Don't worry though... that is not all I did.  I hit the roads for a nice 3.5 mile run this evening.  9 minute miles after all was said and done.  I know.... its not blowing any doors off, but hey I'm trucking up some serious hills... so back off.  Either way, tomorrow will be a bike/swim brick and maybe a litle church, and maybe a movie. 

I just realized as I was typing that last paragraph, that I'm having a pretty solid weekend.  Don't feel bad if you're not me... it takes a lot to contain this kind of awesomeness... With great power comes great responsibility...  and according to the kennedy series a bunch of women, money, marylin monroe, etc...

Have a good Saturday everyone.

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