Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cuz its Tueeessday

hey hey everybody,

So... the weekend has come and gone and we are back to business here in sunny philadelphia.  I don't know how the weather is in other parts of the country, but here it is hot and humid.

Didn't get a chance to hit the fitness circuit on Friday (ship day), Saturday and sunday(hanging with the surgeon general), or Monday (exhausted from travel and working all day.  I have the best of intentions though, to hit the old gymski and cardiovasculitis today.

I love my USA network shows coming back because they motivate me to get back in the swing of things.  Tonight is "White Collar"... it's about on par with my big show "Burn Notice".  There are always a bunch of fit individuals roaming around on these shows and it makes you feel pretty crappy to see all the toned people while you sit on the couch eating M&M's.  So I will use tonight's USA network programming to launch me into a fitness frenzy.

In other news, I read online that my gym is participating in a reality show called "Gymratz".  The ad line is claiming that they are looking for "drama kings and queens" or "outgoing" people who are serious about fitness.  they want people with interesting back grounds, etc. etc...  So I am thinking that a stroke/heart attack survivor, who is using fitness to help make a lifestyle/paradigm shift would be right up their alley.

This could possibly launch me to fame and fortune as in the cases of the jersey shore crew.  As you may or may not know, my biggest dream is to one day host SNL... I don't care why, but it would most likely require me to be a pro athlete (oops, thats out), be a major political figure (uhhh...I'm sure there are pictures somewhere that will squash that), or be some kind of movie/TV star... bingo.

So I think I'll put my hat in the ring, in the hopes that they arent looking for absolutely ripped people, but rather normal people.  You know what i mean?  I'm talking like the first 5 seasons of "Real world"... not like now adays where its just people looking to supplement a modeling career by looking ridiculous.

So that's where we are at today.  Hopefully I'll chime in later with good news about a run or possibly a swim.

Fair winds and following seas my friends.

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