Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mama Bear here chiming in,
I am back to the gym, renewed at WOW I really enjoy that place. Open 24 hours so no reason for not getting to the gym right.:) I started yesterday with a good cardio workout of Treadmill and Eliptical, felt really good. Got back there today and did more cardio this time mixing up both with interval training to get the old heart rate up. Felt really good so I did a few weight machines. Remembering a lot of the stuff from my time with Fitness Together so that is helping. Trying to eat healthy, tough at this time of year. But still keeping on top of it. Glad to be getting back into the swing of things and hopefully not getting side tracked. Off to Philly for a few days, the hotel has a fitness area so will get some work in there. Looking forward to seeing the area you describe in this blog Ryan.
I need to get a music device, the old one you gave me doesn't hold a charge any more. Any suggestions on the best device to help when working out. The cardio stuff has TV's attached but need it to keep me focused. Looking for one that has radio too if possible. Any suggestions welcomed.
That's it for now. Will keep you posted. Get it Posted, I am a riot

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