Tuesday, June 28, 2011

cuz its Tueesday... again & top o' the 9th

Well look at that... people are coming back to life here in the Dooley noted nation.

Congrats on the triumphant return to Work out world...  I'd say you would not be dissapointed with the I-pod shuffle.  it's the model I have and it has a screen for movies, holds a billion songs, and has a video camera built in, and it gets radio.  Pretty much does everything you could possibly want... short of making a coffee run for you.

So that is my recommendation.  The hotel mama will be at is pretty damn sweet.  I should know because I lived out of that place for a couple of months before becoming permanent here in philly.  They have a fantastic pool and the work out room is good as far as hotels go. 

Probably the biggest fitness selling point (the main point is the proximity to bars) is the walking paths along the delaware river and the area known as "Penn's landing".  It is a pretty sweet little area down there and I'm about positive her and the captain will be pleased.

As far as my evening went.... I am happy to say that I mustered the energy to hit the gym for a bike/swim brick.  It was an unfortunate evening to have the words Boston emblazened on your tricep... our local boys took a solid whooping from the N.L.'s best.

You can't be too dissapointed about it, because it is quite possible that Cliff Lee is the best pitcher in baseball right now.  The guy was hot tonight.  To quote Brian Denehy in Summer Catch, "As a pitcher you pray when you get out there that your stuff shows up, and once in a while it all comes together."

So I did my piece and rocked the bike and the pool and a little strength training... while Mr. Becket and friends got an early start on splitting the series.  Tip of the cap to mr. lee... and from one pitcher to the another... that back door breaking ball in the 7th to Mcdonald was a work of art on a 2/2 count...

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