Friday, July 1, 2011

You Can't Stop the Blog!

Hello Everybody!

Much like the last post, I don't have to much time to get to the gym but luckily the job I do have keeps me moving a lot!

Our most recent show was Hairspray: The Musical which I performed in, designed, and directed. It was a crazy but fun experience and show has been really well received so far.

The story set in 1962 follows the always optimistic Tracy who is ridiculed for her size and winds up finding friendship and acceptance in the other outcasts: African Americans. It's a hilarious show with great music that has a great message of acceptance and tolerance. Something I could be proud to have gotten the chance to direct.

This is the set for the opening of the show and the song Good Morning Baltimore. There's Erika in the yellow dress all the way to right. This picture is particularly snapped on the line "Good Morning Baltimore! / There's the flasher who lives next door!"

Lot's of fun and lots of work! Hope all of you have a great Fourth of July weekend!

-Gorilla Man

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