Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturdays are good

Good day everyone,

Just wrapped up a few days with the parents down here in philly.  We had a good time seeing the city and hanging out on 2nd street.  We saw the phillies beat the sox and it was fantastic.

The sox played well and the stadium is beautiful.  Phillies fans are "touched in the head", but still...  The game was a blast.  We saw everything "old city" had to offer by Thursday evening.  I took the parents back to where I live and we went to Maggie's on the waterfront.  We partook of a "seafood pot" and had a good view of the Delaware river.

Everything went swell and I am on to the weekend.  The Surgeon General is in town and we did some serious cardio today. 

I hit the roads for 3 miles... and was able to maintain 9:00/mile.  It's not great, but its definitely decent.  Anyways we did the workout first thing because I was positive that the more delay was going to create some serious procrastination.

No big news today, just some general fitness and fun.

And for the "grams"... dont worry all of my doctors are giving me the green light to be doing everything I'm doing. 

So... we are good to go.

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