Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thirsty Thursday... no seriously it was 98 degrees today... I'm parched

hey hey hey folks,

I know its theatre thursday, but to tell you the truth... I haven't really seen anything of interest lately.  I have watched the jersey shore a few times, but its more of a science experiment than anything else.

Things like the jersey shore come along and become a pop culture phenomenom... if you ignore it (try as you might) it will come up in conversation and then you feel a little out of place.  I figure I'll watch it and at least I'll understand the parodies on SNL. 

I will say that those scumbags are absolutely ridiculous.  There are hilarious moments when they are trying to be soooooo serious... and soooooo dramatic.  I knew those people on Long Island and now in Philly.... Those mensa candidates are special people.

Credit where credit is due though... the guys and that one girl jenny are absolutely ripped. 

Anyways... I'll continue to watch it because it is that weird morbid, cant stop watching the train wreck, curiousity.

In other news, I hit the gymski this evening.  After work I came home and vegged for a while.  The 98 degree heat all day really took it out of me.  Sitting on an asphault terminal surrounded by steel... it felt like what I imagine a microwave feels like on the inside.

I came home and drank some serious H2O.  about 60 or 70 oz.  Then off to the gym for a bike/swim brick... unfortunately the weather flared up while I was at the gym and they closed the pool.  Anyone watching the phillies baseball game knows what I mean.  It was brewing off in the distance and then BAM wind, rain, lightning... it was crazy.

Sux to be me today because I only got a 40 minute bike ride out of the deal.  Then the weight room was so crowded from all the people who normally would be swimming... I packed it in and came back to the casa.  I was hoping to snag a pizza for dinner as a reward for eating healthy all week and working out 4 out of 7 days.  When I only did the run... I just came home and had an egg white/turkey bacon/cheese sandwich and a slice of blueberry & banana bread. 

I'm toast and Im hitting the rack folks.  Hope everyone is feeling the workouts as hard as I am today.  Mostly because misery loves company... :)  See all yall later.

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