Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Working it out in the heat

Workout wednesday is here and it was a kicker.

I don't know if today it was the heat up here, the long work day, or what... but my butt was severely kicked by my run tonight.

I hit the road for a nice 3.5 mile jog at around 8pm.  It was about 88 degrees and humid.  I'm telling you... the hilly parts were killing yours truly.

Either way the day was a pretty good day for fitness all around.  I'll share my diet and excercise:

Banana & Blueberry bread slice (courtesy of my lovely girlfriend/surgeon general) for breakfast.

Slice of homemade pizza and a sprite (only 8 points on weightwatchers) for lunch

2 turkey sausages (no bread, but 1 slice of chees) and a salad with cukes and fat free feta for dinner

post run 2 cups of Special K Fruit & yogurt cereal (possibly the greatest cereal ever created)

I still got points to spare baby... on a related, but different note... I highly recommend the weight watchers program to everyone and anyone.  It is seriously easy to follow.  I don't feel starved. It keeps you honest with the food diary...  and you do feel better when you're not eating like a 4 year old on a bender.

Moral of today's story is I ate healthy... ran a good run... the heat kicked me down a metaphorical flight of stairs... 

I hope everyone else is having a productive workout wednesday.  The surgeon general hit the gym up today and I'm interested to see how it went, but seeing that she never posts i'll have to call her and find out.  I know people, I know... she just doesn't love us anymore.

P.S. this is the picture insert that should have gone up yesterday... but technical difficulties prevented that from happening.

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