Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello, I am back in the swing as well hitting the gym early morning and getting a good treadmill, eliptical workout in then moving on the machines. I agree Ryan it is annoying when people want to chat with you when you are working out. I intentionally selected a gym in Taunton to avoid all the familiar faces and low and behold people have followed. I definetly give off the vibe of don't talk to me. Headphones on and focus on the tv in front and I have been leaving the headphones in as I work on the machines even though I haven't purchased an Ipod yet:) I can't stand the people that get on the phone and I am subjected to listening to their personal conversations. Any whoooooo I am mixing in a little golf with my workouts and have actually used the pool for some aquatic exercising as well.

Looking forward to this weekend.

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