Thursday, July 7, 2011

And on the 6th day...

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum,

Whats happening out there on this fine Thursday evening?

Well folks we are drawing near to the end of the work week and I am happy to say that I extended my workout streak to a 6th day.  That is correct.  I have shattered my personal best of 5 days straight... I know it's really not that big a deal, but in all honestly I am glad that I had thatkind of motivation this week.  Fortunately I can roll on into the weekend with little to no regrets about taking it easy on the cape.

I hit the gym immediately after work, in order to beat the after work work-out crowd.  I can't fault anybody for working out and doing it in whatever way they see fit... my only real gripe is that if you come to the gym, then work out.  I feel like the middle aged guys treat it like a social club.  They kinda give off this vibe that since the younger, or fitter, women are a captive audience... so they'll lean on a machine and just ramble. 

Good rule of thumb in my book.  1)Gym is a bad place to pick up women.  2)if you are going to pick up women, you have to be better than just small talk...  bring a little charm to the game.  You can almost read it off the ladies faces taht they are thinking, "If I wouldn't find it interesting anywhere else... and I would probably walk away... Don't try to tell me just because I am currently attached to a treadmill."

So take it or leave it... but it is what it is.

I am currently preparing for the upcoming ship day, then drive back to Mass... and then a golf outing, party on the cape... and then who knows.  The weekend is shaping up to be good, so I hope everyone else has a good time out there.

I will be rocking it out on my well deserved days of rest.  So get up and go.

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