Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My summer achievement

Good evening everyone,

So the power is back on and I am on the workout streak of a lifetime here. 

Nothing big to speak of today except I have now worked out 5 days straight.  I am definitely getting into the red zone of "required rest" days.

No worries though.  I have a ship day coming up which will prevent any work outs and also the weekend extravaganza... which I fear may keep me from my work outs.  So either way I am good to go. 

I hit the roads today, despite the heat, for a nice jog along the delaware river and back.  I felt really good and can feel my form getting better during the runs.  I am not particularly worried about my form right now, but according to my readings... it will become important.

I am getting down to single digits left for the Falmouth Triathlon.  Not as much Hoopla surrounding this one because it is local and I've got one under my belt.  I am still all kinds of fired up for it, because this will be my first event of the season in Massachusetts.

I'll be back on the cape this weekend for some family fun, but then I'll be zoning in on the last week.  tapering the work outs, making sure I'm hydrated, etc. etc. 

I hope everyone else is getting their summer workout swerve on... I know I am. 

Biggest achievement of the summer is that I've lost enough weight that when I sweat through my shirt... i no longer get that embarassing "under boob" sweat.  I'm sure people will mock me for saying that, but every damn person that has ever been overweight or been a girl knows exactly what I am talking about.

So yay for me and keep on rocking in a free world.

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  1. Woohoo for all your accomplishments (big and small!). David and I have decided to get back to basics and are doing the couch to 5k training. It's forcing him to run for longer periods of time like I normally do, but pushing me to run faster like he normally does. It's also forcing us to make a routine out of exercising which is so important for us. Should be fun!