Tuesday, July 5, 2011


There was a time when a young Ryan would ride out onto the streets looking for vengeance in the form of drunken mayhem, but I like to think I have come quite a ways from my younger, more compulsive self...

So... this weekend I was assaulted by a hornet, but tonight I was assaulted by PECO... the local power provider.

My powere went out for about 5 hours.  Now that is just F'ing with my Tuesday night line up of NCIS and White Collar... I mean c'mon.  Get your crap together over there at the power plant.  Not to mention the fact that it's about 90 outside and a brother could use a little AC, or at least a fan.

This whole thing has just been a ridiculous excercise in futility.... especially since the good people of this apartment complex all left at 6 p.m. and said that they've done all they can do.  Ya, easy to say when you don't live here.

I am such a nice guy now it is actually giving me another myocardial infarction...  Anyways... Im finding a silver lining on things lately.

So, the silver lining is this... I was going to take today off from working out because I had hit it hard with the surgeon general each the past 3 days.  We did the running, swimming, biking, running... it was a lot of good exercise.  I figured today is as good a day as any...  well with the absence of good television to keep me occupied, i figured I would get hydrated and hit the gymski.

I did a nice 40 minute bike and some strength training.  I'm feeling pretty good about the whole excursion... although I am afraid I am becoming nicer looking, less intimidating, or possibly these locals are just whacked in the head.

People never used to approach me with ridiculous questions about directions or how to use a machine in the gym.  I was once told, "you always look like you have a chipon your shoulder.  Like you're angry.  And when you wear sunglasses... everything about you says, 'leave me alone'."

I must have lost that, because people are stopping and talking to me left and right.... i dunno.  anyways... i'll get back to you on how I feel about that, because right now I am miffed about this power thing and I want to say, "get away from me crazy people", but at the same time I am glad that I don't look like some psycho all the time... I'll let you know.

in the mean time... everyone with power enjoy yourself.

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