Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Holiday announcement

Good morning my fellow americans...

I am sure my Dooley noted friends read my patriotic blog yesterday.  I'm sure most of you have seen the spiderman movies also... "with great power comes great responsibility."

I point this out because i am celebrating a newly founded holiday for the day after 4th of July.  Much like All saints day comes the day after Halloween, but is far less known.

Today I am celebrating "Drunk Dialing Day"... many people know in the age of technology and communication that it is easy to have one too many drinks... develop a false sense of courage and wisdom... and then call someone you wouldn't normally call, and bestow this new found wisdom upon them.  This is usually performed by recently upset people to spouses, significant others, and in extreme cases... professional superiors.

Little know fact is that this country was the product of a drunk dialing excursion.  Granted that technically it was many drunk dialings, and back in those days it was more of drunk caligraphying... much prettier, but still the same sentiment.

Anyone who is not following me on this, just picture this scenario...  A bunch of old timers sitting in pubs every few months for different gatherings in regards to taxes.  Each one of them brews their own beer (look it up... hamilton, jefferson, adams, washington, ben franklin... they all did).  Each one of these guys was known to have a few beverages during the colonial and continental congress meetings... I've been to the City Tavern where it happened.

So all these guys are complaining about taxes and laws (not too far from today, just take spin down to any American Legion, hole in the wall bar, VFW, etc.), drinking heavily, and they get the bright idea to write this stuff down and send it off to the big boss man across the pond... King George.

As it does in the present day... all hell breaks loose.

So, in honor of all those great and brilliant men that signed the Declaration of Independence and then woke up on July 5th and thought, "Holy Sh*t... what did we do... I am never hanging out with those guys again."

we salute you, and honor you everytime a drunk friend tells the guy with the phone, "You don't have the stones to call her/him and tell him that.  if you really thought that you'd call right now".


In other news Sox are still doing well, I plan on working out today... but more on that later.

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