Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Blog!

Wow... these titles are getting worse and worse. :)

Hey again everyone!

Erika and I are winding down our summer season out here in good ol Montana and with that comes our fourth show of the summer, "Big River" which is based on the adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

For those of you who need a refresher...

Huckleberry Finn is an aimless troublemaker who is good at heart but doesn't care much for society's rules and practices. When his drunken father "Pap" mistakes him for the Angel of Death and attempts to kill him, Huck fakes his death and heads out on his own. He encounters Jim, a slave who is determined to find his wife and children, and the two of them begin their adventure down the Mississippi. Along the way they are joined by two con artists claiming to be the King of France and the Duke of Bridgewater. Together they scheme and fool small townsfolk, including the Wilkes' Family, a wealthy family in Arkansas. The King and Duke claim to be long lost relatives of the deceased Peter Wilkes and begin there scam, but when two men show up also claiming to be the relatives, everything spins out of control, leaving the Duke tar and feathered and the King off on the run. Back on the raft, Huck finds that the Duke sold Jim to a farmer and goes off searching for him. While helping Jim escape with the aid of Tom Sawyer, they find that Jim is in fact a free man as his owner, Miss Watson, has died and freed him in her will. Huck and Jim part ways and Huck heads out for the Western Territory.

And there ya go.

Erika played the stern Miss Watson and choreographed the show while I designed the set and played the Duke of Bridgewater (Bridgewater, I know!). We had to somehow figure out how to make a raft pull up to 4 men back and forth across the stage at any given time but someone, as it always seems, we found a way.

We're in tech week for our last show, Leading Ladies, which takes place in a mansion in 1950s Pennsylvania... so yeah... but actually it's coming together quite nicely.

If you're wondering what this has to do with fitness, try pulling a rope attached to 50 lbs of lumber with a couple of full grown men who are just standing there. It gives you a work out.


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