Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday workouts... always a good decision.

hey hey folks...

Gave the new playlists its first go around today.  I hit the gym for a 600 meter swim and some light weight training.  This is a "Rest Day" for marathon training, but I feel it's important for me to stay in the heat of the battle.  On rest days it is ok to do "non impact work outs" (i.e. swimming stretching etc.). 

So I followed my little electronic personal trainer's advice and just did some stretching, swimming, and then the lightest weight work out ever.  It was a full body work out.

Leg lifts, chest flys, lat pull downs, lower back extensions, seated rows, tri push downs, dips, curls, chest press, and some more leg lifts.  each exercise was 3 sets of 10.  light weights.  My goal was to put tension on the muscles, without that pesky soreness... seeing as how I haven't lifted weights in months... I think it was the right call.

So that is that for today.  Pretty anti-climactic on the rest days, but every piece of literature I've read said the same thing.  Don't go too hard to early.  Everyone thinks they're not doing enough in the beginning and all the people that act on that thought get hurt.

So I am following Men's Health, Runner's World, Nike fit club, marathoning for mortals, and a personal trainer at the gym.  Psshht  whatever they know...

I hope everyone else is getting their work out swerve on these days.  haven't heard much about anyone else.  I guess you all already have your beach bodies.  Well ain that something.  :) 

I'm still hitting it hard and hopefully after I'm done packing, I'll be able to start hitting some two-a-days.  Cardio in the morning, light weight training in the evening....  It's gonna be like an episode of Friday night lights in here... well, without all those ridiculous southern accents...  sorry to my texas family... I just can't get over it. 

have a good wednesday everyone.  If I make it back to Mass in time this weekend.  Rendezvous at whiskey Priest @ 10:00 a.m on Sunday.  Brunch like you never seen.

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