Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodmorning, with my summer vacation coming to a close in 3 weeks I have made a serious effort to focus on the workouts to make the transition back smooth. Once in the mode I find I can stay in it easily. Although I have enjoyed the summer it has been crazy busy with lots of traveling causing me to fall off the consistent workout schedule. Any how got back in the swing and have been dedicated for the past week. Yesterday was a great workout, 30 minute treadmill. Weight training circuit, and 20 minute eliptical. This has been my general workout for the past week trying to increase more and more. Felt good. Took grams for lunch and grocery shopping, then home and did a bit of water aerobics, trying to loosen up any tightness. (Weather has been so warm the pool is almost as hot as the hot tub) Quiet night at home, bed early and up early for another round. Summer time is always tough for the diet but I have committed to getting back to normal this month.

On a side note, first time in 2.5 years I haven't had to move the Chief of Staff in the blisstering heat somewhere in Boston. Whoever designed those 3rd floor stair cases in town never moved people in and out, I think they just built the homes around the furniture:) Glad the CoS is happy in her new pad and looking forward to seeing it next Tuesday. Plenty of time to get it ready for viewing:)

Great to hear from the Gorilla Man and his lovely bride, looking forward to seeing them in the near future, if their plans allow for it. They have had a crazy busy summer, the pictures I have been able to see look awesome and I know the performances have been the same. Hopefully we will get to see a few of the performances on DVD:)

Waiting to see the host of this site towards the end of the week. Lots of changes ahead for him, but I am a believer when one door closes one door opens. Another job, grad school whatever is in store for him, he will do awesome.

So lots of packing and unpacking, relocating, and wrapping up, and getting focused, August is sure to be an eventful month.

Off to the gym now, will post again later.


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