Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"There is no manly way to tell people you'll be late because you have to ice down your knees" -- Me

Hey everybody,

As is often the case... I am posting shortly after someone else just did.  Be sure to check out mama bear's post below.

In other news.  I am wrapping things up this week in Philly.  Getting ready to throw out a ton of stuff and pack up a smaller ton of stuff to head back to Mass.  Sad, but necessary... 

The Surgeon General was in town this weekend and we bummed around a little bit and just hung out.  I guess the fortunate thing is that the next time either of us has to make that drive it will be to come back for the Philly Marathon

That is right folks...  In case people hadn't picked up on several of my references in previous posts.  I committed to running the Philly Marathon in November.  I'm signed up through "runners world" magazine and have some pretty cool online aids to help.  It should be an exciting adventure.  So I guess this is my official announcement that I am doing this.  I'll keep you guys posted on my progress.

I took the weekend to rest and enjoy some crappy food... because today started my first day of scheduled runs.  Starts off nice and easy with a 3 miler.  I did it in the heat of the day just... well just because sometimes you need to kick your own ass for good measure.  I like knowing that running up hill in 90 something degree heat is a temporary condition.

Anyways... I'm back in business.  Cooked up some rice and campbell's stew for lunch after the run and threw on a couple of ice packs just as a little preventative maintenance. 

Hopefully now that I am fully engaged in training, I'll be able to keep the bloggin up for all our fans. out there...  Just found out that we have some followers not in the family. 

So.. Big shout out to the man in Charleston, SC... thanks willy.  And to the future Mr and Mrs Hooks down in Arkansassy.  Feel free to drop your 2 cents on us any time. 

See you out there folks... and remember... "Every time a fat kid runs an angel gets its wings"  think about it.

2 weeks till falmouth... bring your running shoes and your drinking pants.

photo by our own Braintree Shutterfly

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  1. A marathon! You're crazy! But in a good way! :) Good luck with training and the move to MA. Everything happens for a reason...