Friday, November 18, 2011

Gorilla man -> Me -> Health and wellness -> back to me

Good Morning Everybody,

It's Friday and I am blogging for one of the first times on a Friday.

First off, i want to thank Gorilla Man for his Rated Ds.  I just had a second to read the last 2 that I kept forgetting to read.  those reviews are funny and insightful.  In my personal opinion they are better than the stuff you get off most websites that review movies.  So if you are looking for a laugh and a serious look at a movie (without the extreme bias that comes with most reviews) check it out.  Thanks Gorilla man.  Ps... i'm still funnier than you.

In my past professional lifetime... my fridays started early and ran all day long with mayhem and madness as I tried to coordinate 60 to 80 full grown man-childs... Our efforts were all to get containers on a ship and get the ship off the dock.

I mention all of this because my days are hard now, but I feel I will never have the pure adrenaline fueled days of working the ship.  This is not a bad thing, but I will miss it... and I am definitely glad that I have it in my history of things I have done and probably won't do again.

Moving forward though...  I rock a shirt and tie these days... and have to shave... and where dress shoes.  It's a completely different thing for me, but I can do it.  In addition i am finding it a little easier to motivate myself to the gym.  Here's my armchair psychology on why...

1)  Sitting around all day on a computer is probably appealing to some, but not me.  I need to get my adrenaline up, endorphins pumping, and a little of my left over "ultra- competive", Alpha dog, testerone out of the system.

2)  Working out makes my muscles feel tight ( i know you're saying, "why did he say that").  Everyone can agree that looking good comes from dressing well, but more importantly being confident.  Every single person on earth has walked by a couple and said, "what is he/she doing with him/her?"... Answer is 9 out of 10 times confidence and personality.  (every once in a while it some kind of psycho babble nonsense, but lets forget about the outliers)

So, because confidence is so important, and everyone knows my vanity and desire to look spectactular has no bounds... I work out to make my muscles feel taught, abs sucked in, and all in all just feel better about my physical appearance.  This is especially important now that I dont wear jeans/sweatshirt to work.  slacks, shirt, tie... really only look good if the clothes fit and you aren't busting out of them. 

long story short - Feeling good = Looking good... Surgeon General... you're welcome.

3)Having more to do in the week (as opposed to my recent hiatus from work and blogging) makes the gym and athletic activities feel more like a reward, rather than a punishment. 

personal thought on this... recently I terminated my Marathon training because it had become something I was uninterested in.  i played sports for my entire life and learned one thing.  People who don't like what they are doing... suck at what they are doing.  This is in spite of all natural abilities.  I really enjoy the training for the "triathlons"... so I have returned to that. 

The reason anyone should care about this thought is that it is actually pretty universal.  Enjoy what you do, and it won't feel like work.  I think our Staff Life Coach could agree with that statement.

So that's my health and wellness spiel for the day.  Enjoy your friday everyone... it's also Twi-hard time again.  So rock on with Team Jacob and damn the cullen clan.  Sparkly vampires.  I mean really... wtf?

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