Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tough Days

hello everyone,

Another day here on the ranch.  Weather is starting to change a little though... for anyone who lacks the normal sensory perception it requires to detect the fact... Its getting cold outside.

I got my lazy bones out of bed on time today, and hit the gym... This is in drastic contrast to yesterday when i accidentally fell back to sleep and missed my work out.  I am telling you, that missing the morning workout after getting used to them, really screws with your head.  I felt exhausted all day and I hadn't done anything. 

I countered my lack of workout yesterday with some strict adherence to weight watchers points.  So all in all I escaped unscathed.... (pronounced un-scay-thd... for my less vocabularily acute followers... ps vocabularily is not a word).

Back to today though... I did get a good workout in and did bike for cardio and then hit the weights.  I am seeing some good progress on my weight training... plus the body just feels better.  So I am feeling pretty good all in all.

1 tiny little issue... apparently It is a bad idea to try and get up early and get your clothes out of the closet in the dark.  I know that it sounds harmeless, but here was my moment of sheer stupidity for the day.

Post workout I hit the shower, shave, etc.  Feeling good so far.  Under garments on... good job ryan.  hair gelled... looking good.  Shirt and tie... sharp as always.  Pants on and buckled... only because society says I have to...

then Horror.  As I put on my black shoes I realized that the pants I initially interpretted as black are actually a noticably lighter color than my shoes.  I was wearing the wrong damn pants.  I know it doesn't sound horrific or anything, but then the straw that breaks the camels back. 

As I gather my crap out of my locker and I am debating on heading home to change either the shoes or the pants... Some guy (dressed in matching clothes, because he's so smart) says, "Dude, your pants don't match your shoes." and then just walks away.  No inflection in hs tone, no nothing.  It wasn't assistance or insult.  He was just stating a fact.

he is now on my list of "mortal enemies". 

I went home and grabbed another pair of pants (i kinda wanted to go back to the gym and tell the guy that i wasn't a complete dip... or walk by him and maybe he'll be like, "oh, his pants do match!").  Got my new pants and headed out of the room because now the Surgeon general was pissed I woke her up again...  Realizing i had grabbed yet another pair of blue pants.  I said, "screw it" turned the light on, 2 deep breaths, and finally put on matching clothes.

Moral of the story is "I own too many damned pairs of blue pants."

This stuff is really the challenges I face daily.  I know Obama thinks its tough in the Oval office, but this stuff is solomon like decision making.    So in the words of Mitch hedberg, "damn it, I'm going on break!"

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