Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I will be 10,950 days old in 17 days... i know... right?

Good Day to the Good people of the Internet Superhighway,

Back to the grind in the world of working out and living the good life.

hit the gym well today... and last night I used my ab roller for the first time in god knows how long...  lets just say the Abdominal Union is threatening to go on strike... you hear me?  ya... you hear me.

I have decided for scheduling purposes to take my days off from working on Fridays and Mondays.  Here is my logic.  If I workout for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before work, I'll be able to at least get a short cardio workout in and some weight training for 3 days straight.

I'll take Fridays off because a) A rest is good after a few days and b) because its Friday. 

Second leg of the trip will be the weekend.  I'll workout on Saturday and Sunday morning and be able to get a nice long session of both cardio and weight training in early in the day.  Some might say, "but don't you want to sleep in?"  To these people I say, "but nay sir/madam! I prefer to work out early so the rest of my day is free to undo my hard work with food and beverage."

After all this we are back to Monday... and I rest again to prep for the upcoming 3 days of early workouts and actual work (which is necessary for money to pay for the little things like... food, electricity, and the like).

I know... everyone should take a breather from my insightful wisdom.  Or as Derek Zoolander would say, "Cool story Hansel".

In other news the world is still spinning rapidly on its axis and everything else is going swimmingly.  The new job is cranking along well.  I got business cards.  These people are damned efficient.  I was at SSL for like 3 years before I actually had business cards.  My title sounds very imposing as well... "Sales Executive".  Sounds important doesn't it?

Anyways... I hope all is well with the good follks around the world.  I haven't heard much of anyone else's posts or emails about what their fitness regiment looks like right now... I don't blame them because as I have mentioned, I took a hiatus myself. 

So I pose this to everyone....

On what side of a pitcher is the handle on?

I answered this trivia question correctly at work... Mostly because I am brilliant, but also because of my capacity to think outside the box...

PS... everyone get your minds right because my 30th birthday is afoot.

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  1. The outside. ;-)

    In fitness news...Angela and I are running a 5k thanksgiving morning! Good excuse for having double helpings of stuffing later in the day.