Friday, November 11, 2011

Me, moves, money, motivation, and maternity

Buenos Noches everyone...

Had to take a few more days off from the blogosphere because of sudden and drastic changes in the lifestyle of champions.
I know... i just came back from a 3 month hiatus, but hey there were unavoidable circumstances... all that being said...

I am back in Massachusetts.  I had to make a quick and decisive call on what to do with my obviously limitless skill set, and the best call was to head back to the "land of health and happiness" that is the south shore of Taxachusetts.

I left the job in DC.  It was a decent company, and i could have made it work with some patience and a lot of "comfort eating", but that wasn't the best option on the table.  I've taken a gig back home as a sales executive for a freight forwarder.  Anyone who wants details can contact me directly, but the bottom line is I am back home and doing some very interesting work.

But enough about me... lets get back to talking about me.

I've been hitting the gymski again.  Because of the new employment I have started hitting the gym early in the a.m. up around 4:45, @ the gym by 5, in the car to work by no later than 6:15.  It is a compressed time frame, but at that hour of the morning I have no business talking to anyone.  In addition, the only nutbags at the gym are people there that are actually working out.  Not those window dressing types just leaning on machines and making me wish them ill will. 

You see that's the trick.  just wish the ill will.  If you say anything you might end up a local pariah like that episode of seinfeld where george gets caught peeing in the shower.... i mean really... who wants to be that guy.  (this is despite the fact that it is medically proven to work better than tinactin... so suck it Madden)

In conclusion I am feeling pretty good about the working out situation.  I do have one piece of sad news.  I am withdrawing my name from contention in the Philly Marathon.  The training was good and I am sure I could put in a good showing, but it has just run me ragged and I don't have the time to dedicate to the training with the new job.  I will hopefully find a local half marathon and put my training to use, but I feel kinda weird because I've been running 10, 12, & 13 mile runs for the past few sundays.  Oh well...

thanks for all the support guys and gals... and I'll keep you posted, because the next big thing is going to be triathlons.  I had a blast doing that and the training keeps me totally engaged.  So rock on with your bad self!

PS... CONGRATS TO MR. AND MRS. BRIDGET MCDUFF ON THE BABY NEWS... (aka TJ "chambernuts"/"tramp stamp"/"hooksy" Hooks & wife)  seriously guys... congrats.  and lets all pray it looks like bridget.

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