Sunday, November 13, 2011

Working out, raising hope, and Penn State... yea thats right... i said it

hello everybody,

Hope the weekend went swimmingly...

So far mine has been pretty sweet.

I was up crazy early on Saturday for no particular reason.  Since the Surgeon General only works late nights I figured why not take advantage... and thus I hit the gym.  So between 9 and 11 on saturday I was getting my workout swerve on.

I did a good 35 minutes on the bike and then hit the treadmill... I'm happy to announce that I ran my fastest mile (8:30) since college.  I know its nothing huge, but its a pretty good milestone for me.  I also did some weight training and then called it a workout.  I totallly rocked the gym my friends.

Saturday afternoon I took a saunter on up to the Seaport for the "Ski/snowboard expo" with my Chief of Staff ( who if she doesn't learn how to blog will be downgraded to either a sub-cabinet position or even relegated to lobbyist... i dunno)

Either way we went to the expo and were both disappointed in the goods.  To tell you the truth the biggest highlight was the "cliff bar" station, which had a couple of new flavor samples.  I had about 4 of them... i felt bad because I think you are supposed to only take one, but then I watched 3 other people walk by and not take any... I felt the universe was back in sync, so I let it slide.

Did a dinner in the city and then I realized that the only downside to gettin up early and hitting the gym is that by about 6 pm I was exhausted.  So, despite the fact that I am in my 20's and of sound mind and body...  my saturday night was spent on the couch watching "Raising Hope" on Netflix.

PS... Raising hope is hilarious.

Sunday I was up early again and rocked another solid gym session.  I did 40 on the bike and then 20 laps in the pool.  Add in some weight training and my world was sufficiently rocked.

In conclusion it was a good weekend with only one real downside...

Is anyone as sick and tired of listening to the weirdos and whiners on ESPN/news/etc about freaking Penn St. I mean c'mon.  I am not indifferent to the situation, but lets boil it down.  OK some guy (not Jo Pa) got caught molesting kids.  Fine then go after the psycho who did the crime.  I get that this is a horrific thing, but the only story I keep hearing about is Jo Pa and for the love of Pete... he didn't actually do the crime.  I get it that it was a big thing, but seriously I am about to start changing the channel to "saved by the bell" reruns in the locker room if we can't find a single other story in sports to cover.  

Basketball is on strike... football is in mid swing..  The damned nationals catcher was freaking kidnapped in Venezuela and then returned... lets talk about something else... 

Ok... I'm moving on now.

I hope everyone else's weekend was good.  Enjoy the weather cuz it looks like were in the home stretch before the precipitation becomes the word of the day...  Git R Done.

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