Monday, November 21, 2011

Team Jacob 4-life

Good Morning people of the interweb,

So I hit the gym today... I know its monday and my schedule dictates today was a god given day of rest, but I figure with the upcoming parade of food and festivities... we could all use another morning of cardio.

No big news about the gym today, just a good cardio bit on the bike and some abs and weight training.  I have to say that the morning workout definitely gets me rolling a little better than the extra 1.5 hrs of sleep.  I realized on the days I don't get up and hit the gym that I am just sluggish like you read about.

I guess the only cure is "more cowbell" or sticking to the gym.  Either way works.  Now onto more pressing issues.

In response to Gorilla man's review... I too saw the twilight movie and agree that it was sub-par.  My only beef with these saga (part 1) things is that you spend 2 hours in a movie setting up the next movie.  There was barely any story lines that stood alone in this movie.  The whole thing was character and plot development for the next movie.  This feels like a cheap trick to guarantee twice the tickets for the same basic story.

I do, however stand behind jacob and werewolves.  There is some serious drama happening with team jacob.  So... credit where credit is due.  "i am the grandson of a chief!"  Doesn't get much better than that, now does it?

Anyways, i too feel there is a comedy spin off in there somewhere... my bet though is something along the lines of "the munsters" meets "Reba".  Say Jacob marries the daughter, moves in with Bella and Edward.  The obvious hatfield vs mccoy challenges ensue and everyone gets a "challenge upon challenge resolved by the close bond of family."  Maybe Guttenberg plays the quirky neighbor or something...  and through in Hayden Pantierre, just because... look at the girl.  Anyways.  That's my thoughts on this avalanche of crap that was the breaking dawn movie...

But don't get me wrong, i'll be weiring my "I <3 Jacob" T-shirt at the next one.

Turkey day is a coming, so I hope everyone is getting out their maternity pants for feast.

ps... turkey trot in braintree anyone??

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