Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"I am the law" -- Judge Dredd

Good Morning Everyone,

Another day here in beautiful, sunny, freezing Stoneham, MA...

Up early this morning for a good session at the old gymski.  I did weight training and a swim this morning.  I have found that early workouts don't afford a lot of time for multiple forms of cardio. 

As people may remember from my posts about triathlon training... typically the training involves "bricks" of training.  A brick would be multiple forms of cardio... i.e. bike then swim or running and biking.  There isn't a lot of time for weight training and a brick in the morning.  I have found a good strategy for me is to hit the individual cardio type with some weights during the week... then do a brick and some weights on the weekend.  So there... stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Today was some chest, back, biceps, and abs... Apparently my body is not used to me actually doing benchpress, because i am a hurting unit as I am sitting here now.  You know you got a good workout in when you have to lower your head to your hands to shampoo... rather than bringing your arms above your head.  I guess its a good thing... all be it you probably look like rain man afterwards trying to bath.

As is the typical case... after the gym I was driving to work and got stuck with a local cop on my tail before I got to the highway.  now, everyone has had this moment of fear having a cop behind them...  Even though you are not doing anything wrong, you just get alittle nervous, right?

I did EXACTLY the speed limit all the way through braintree... but the guy was still riding about 5 inches from my bumper.  Seems a little unsafe right?  But what are you gonna do??? speed up and get speeding ticket?  No... so I just dealt with the 5-0 just tailgating me like a prison movie.

As I got to a spot that had a brief 2 lane section (which I know from a ticket I got at 16, that the extra lane is for entering traffic from adjacent streets, not for passing)... the guy just guns it past me. 

this was an uneventful little experience, but It bugged me until exit 18 on rt 93 because all i could think about was how this guy broke about 7 moving violations in 10 minutes because I was going slower than he would like.  Now flip the scenario and assume Barney Fife was just sitting on the side of the road and saw me pull a stunt like that. 

That would be a one way pass to the county courthouse to pay my civic dues to the commonwealth...  for any of our readers not from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts... Massachusetts is a commonwealth, not a state.  Deal with it.

Anyways... i survived and will keep on fighting the good fight.  And in the words of TJ's favorite song "Dirt Road Anthem" -- jason Aldean's version --  "Better watch out for them boys in blue"...  true dat.

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