Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Good Morning everyone,

T minus 1 day till turkey time.

We have multiple braintree thanksgivings to attend

No gym this morning.  I was exhausted from yesterday and decided to steal an extra hour of sleep this morning.  i didn't feel too bad about it because I had gone 4 days in a row... and if i am feeling froggy this evening I might go hit a swim and some abs just to keep the streak alive.

In addition to the regular workouts... I am doing the Braintree Turkey Trot (click here) tomorrow.  Sounds like there are going to be some good folks from our braintree contingent participating as well... And for that we salute you.

My only real dilemma is what to wear during the festivities of the event.  i have some ideas, but I am always open to suggestions.  Here is what I've been mulling over so far
1) Pilgrim hat -- boring
2) full body turkey costume ( 2 models available at Target)
3) Full body pilgrim costume (with real wooden buckles and crap... I doubt I am crafty enough to make that one)
4) original Indian (native americans will always be indians on thanksgiving) garb --  Full nude with a modest rag covering the R rated parts/ face paint / braided hair/etc.

Lets be honest about number 4... i'd get arrested and even if I didn't... no one wants to see that.  I mean its the holidays...

So I am working on this issue.  Either way, It should be fun.  Looking forward to Pie this year.  I don't exactly know why, but I have been craving some Turkey day desserts for a week now.  Guess it's just that time of year.

Hope everyone's wednesday goes well... i am counting down to the beginning of the holiday weekend. 

this will be the first Thanksgiving Friday that I am not working a Ship... I am so stoked to not have to be up at 4:30 a.m the day after turkey day.  golf Anyone????

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