Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Drive... really gorilla man?

Buenos Dias folks,

Another raw day here in the commonwealth.  Frosty out there... good thing my car comes equipped with an automatic car starter (damn skippy).

So, first things first (which i find to be a strange expression)... I hit the gym today and took some inventory on my progress.  I am happy to say that I am currently 2 belt notches skinnier than back in September.  I am closing in on the need to get some pantalones taken in to help keep my shirts tucked in.  I've mentioned the energy boost in the mornings from working out, but I can't stress it enough.  It is amazing how productive I am in the morning after a work out.

Today's workout was pretty standard.  Cardio on the bike for a bit, then some weights... I really want to learn some "TRX" excercises.  Click TRX for an explanation on what TRX is.  I've done some stuff, but I am sure I am not getting the full experience.

In conclusion on the fitness trip... all is well hopefully I can keep this up straight through the weekend until "Core and More" on sunday.

Okay... now secondly...

I couldn't disagree more with Gorilla Man's review of Drive.  Normally, I either agree with the review or if I disagree... I can at least accept the opposing point of view.  There were a couple of decent things about that movie, but here is the less technical thought on this...

If you are not a cinematic expert this movie is a total let down.  The 2 car chases (thats right only 2 in a movie named drive) were pretty good.  The character is just flat out wierd and doesn't make you like him or hate him.  He is... seriously... like the kid who wears the same T-shirt everyday to school, and never talks... so no one likes or dislikes him, but avoids him none the less.

I get that its some artistic effort, but at some point you have to at least "throw me a frickin bone here".  Give me something about this character that makes me want him to succeed or fail.  Plus... he does stuff that is completely out of character, even for a movie... I wont spoil the ending, but the main character's final move makes you glad the movie is over, because you were about to walk out anyway.

So... from a layperson's view... this one 7,251,909.63 thumbs down... ironically this movie actually should be Rated D.

For shame gorilla man... for shame.

But you do have to give it to Ryan Gossling... That guy is cut like a diamond.  Smoking...

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