Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Thursday Thursday

Hello hello hello folks,

Another day in the grind... I don't know how everyone else's week is rolling, but for one guy (me) this week is cruising along at a good pace.  Thursday is here and it has brought some seriously chilly air with it.  I absolutely regret my plan this morning about wearing my gym clothes from the house to the gym.  Shorts and a long sleeve T-shirt were the wrong choice for this kind of climate.  Fortunately the automatic car starter (which i recommend everyone put on their christmas list) was my savior.

I was able to hit the gymski pretty well today for another consecutive day of exercisio (as my latin friends would call call it).  I rolled out of bed after only one tap of my best friend... the snooze button.  Some people hate using the snooze option on the alarm clock, but for me it is like a little bonus 9 minutes before the mayhem and insanity begin.

Today was straight to weight training for a half an hour and then on to the pool for a solid 500 meters of swim.  I was able to keep a good pace and also did a good job of alternating which side I turn my head to breath.  For anyone who has no idea what I am referencing... allow me to explain.  When you are swimming (using the overhand stroke) you have to turn your head to the side to breath (inhale).  Most people always go to one side, usually their dominant side (as a righty that would be your right side, when your right arm comes over the top).  Since I am trying to stay focused on next seasons triathlons... it is important to be able to comfortably turn either way... that way if the waves are breaking at you, you'll be able to still... ya know... breath.  So, bottom line is, it was a productive day.

On another note, I have often wondered if anyone else has the weird mornings where even though you are using the same basic plan of how to get up, get dressed, and get out of the house... you stumble around as if you're confused by the situation.  This morning I went in and out of the bedroom to get stuff.  Most times I grab what I need and I am on my way, but every once in a while I have a day where no brain function is happening.  On those occasions it usually takes me about 17 trips around the house to actually gather my crap and my thoughts...  i can't explain it, because my routine is about the same everytime.

But hey... I guess it's important to realize that no one is perfect right???  i know, i know, i know... its a shocker to me too...  Anyways, have a great thursday and don't forget to rock out with Burn Notice, The Office, person of interest, Big Bang theory, Bones, and Whitney... good night for tv.

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