Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Biggest Loser and openly weeping

Good Morning peoples,

Rainy and cold here in the greater Boston area.  Traffic is slow and the people are not in the perkiest moods...  But we press on still.

Had to take a few days off from fitness, in the hopes of allowing my ankle a little rest.  I have been fighting through a lingering (ridiculously stupid) minor injury to my achilles tendon.  During the F1 extravaganza I pushed a little to hard in the go-kart and rubbed the hell out of my ankle.  I think I may have worn away all the skin, straight down to the tendon.  Anyways...  it's one of those injuries that takes forever to heal because it's hard to immobilize that and continue to... you know... live.

I went really hard at the gym on Sunday before the Pats game (which i watched from a luxury box, courtesy of PTD consulting.  Thanks again!).  I took Monday off as per usual and then decided to take Tuesday off in an attempt to give my ankle another day of rest. 

I have found that my energy level is crap without my morning workout.  So today was back to the grind.  Solid 30 minutes on the bike and then abs and push-ups.  overall it was a light workout, but I feel better for getting up and going early... So I'm calling it a win and putting it in the "W" column.

So, here's my thoughts on a new adventure.  I've been watching this season of "Biggest Loser".  I have never watched an entire season from start to finish and I was pretty impressed.  I have mentioned to most people that my only real pet peeve is that these people cry... a lot.  I get that it is an emotionally taxing experience to push yourself harder than you ever have, but seriously...   trust the trainers.

If you are 400 lbs and the trainer is telling you that your body can handle certain exercises, than lets give them the benefit of the doubt... if for no other reason than you clearly have no clue as to what the "right" thing to do is when it comes to diet and exercise.  Anyways... thats my soapbox on that.

Back to the point though, I am trying to construct my own... at home version of the biggest loser.  I'll keep you guys and girls posted on the details, but this is just a teaser on what's to come. 

Hope everyone is having a good week so far... and we are half way to another weekend.  Rock on...

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