Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get it done early, get it done right

Hello folks...

Another week well underway here in the land of health and happiness known as the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Took a couple of days off from the gym to allow myself to heal after a kicker of a workout on Sunday. 

On Sunday i did a double whammy of two "back to back" classes.  1st was Spinning, which is in and of itself a butt kicker of a workout.  Then I hustled to the other room (literally minutes after) and took the core and more class that I regularly attend. 

I got worked over good.  So good in fact that I was exhausted and starving all day.  According to the weightwatchers point system, I had performed more activity points in that morning than the surgeon general has food points for the day.... boils down to the fact that I worked off more calories than she can intake in an entire day. 

Monday and tuesday i felt i needed to take a little extra rest and recupe time to get my legs back and make sure not to push myself to the point of injury.

Back at it today though with some abs and then a spin class.  It's a tough way to start a morning, but It's a great way to burn off them calories.  I say get it done early and get it done right.

anyways... back to work for me.  Hope everyone else is gearing up for sunday and getting some workouts in.  Gotta burn off them calories because I fully intend on going hog wild on some wings, nachos, calzones, sandwiches, and basically anything that gets in my way.  I have an image of a cartoon mouth just eating its way through the state... that'll be me.  Toodles.

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