Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adventure Project #2 - Hoover Dam

HOOVER DAM!"Two is better than one!"

Well if you call saying you are going to set a weekly goal and then actually doing it the following week successful... then victory is ours! And yes, it would appear that if that is in fact the definition of success or victory, for that matter, than the bar is set incredibly low. Regardless, the previously mentioned Adventure Project 2012 continues on. This week's journey brought us to the iconic American landmark and staggering feat of engineering that is known as "Hoover Dam".

"You Want Answers...?"

Now, I know what you're saying, "Slow down there, Charlie Blog-Alot. You might be all in the know about dams after living out by that there Fort Peck Dam, but the rest of us might not have the same amount of knowledge that can so easily be dropped on unsuspecting readers at any given moment. Don't you know we got lives? Don't you know we can't go flitting off to 'the Hoove' at a moment's notice? Oh but you don't think about that. You're too blinded by the bright lights of the Strip and deafened by the demands of that one-armed bandit that's robbed so many. And then you keep pumping your hard earned dollars into that noisy little machine hopin' 'gainst hope that you see that 7 - 7 - 7 before your eyes, but you've got to understand the odds aren't in your favor. Hell, the even ain't in your favor! The gamblin' leads to boos, the boos to boo-hoos, and the boo-hoos create river that you are now up without a paddle. And being stranded on the river wild is no place to be. You've got to be prepared. You've got to respect the sea." If you are actually saying that, this might not be the blog for you. However, the rest of you might be wondering something a little bit more practical and actually related to the subject of the blog. Look at Erika, for instance: "Why did they build the Hoover Dam?"

"We'd like to thank you Herbert Hoover!"

If your answer was: "Obviously to keep the extra-terrestrial, robotic Decipiticon known only as Megatron frozen" then you are incorrect. I know I was somewhat disappointed myself. Thanks a lot Michael Bay. Anywho, the mighty and unpredictable Colorado River had developed a reputation for either flooding cities, destroying crops, and ruining lives or ignoring areas completely... destroying crops, and ruining lives. Well, a rowdy little Iwonan named Herbert Hoover said "Listen here, Colorado River... if that is your real name... your days of tormenting are over." The mighty Colorado shook hard against her banks and said, "Well, I'll be dammed." 100% true story. It was either that or a group of engineers along with the Bureau of Reclamation scouted out a location for the dam and the approached Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover who commissioned the project and began work on "Boulder Dam".

"It's what's on the inside that counts!"

From the natural landscape which encases the entire structure to the breathtaking O'Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bridge that now allows drivers to bypass driving over the dam itself, the whole place is pretty incredible. Although you can view the whole outside for free, we opted to buy the tickets and go for the whole freakin' tour... I didn't want my dam pun to get old. The tour leads you on trips to the power houses and diversion tunnels as well as 10 minute videos and presentations which are all pretty fascinating, but the best part is traveling through the maze of Art Deco hallways and cyllindrical tunnels that make up the inside. You can't help but realize while you standing there completely surrounded by thousands of pounds of concrete, this is what we all look like on the inside.

"Once more from the top!"

It's over 700 feet tall, more than 1,200 feet long, and about 45 feet wide and provides water to millions of people in the United States. It cost $49 million and opened in 1936. It was later renamed "Hoover Dam" after Former-President Herbert Hoover and is responsible for creating Lake Mead, the recreational reservoir that was created by damming the waters of the Colorado River, and Boulder City, the mining town that was created to house the workers and families of those building it.

We might look a bit awkward from this picture but it probably has something to do with Erika's staggering fear of heights and the fact that just behind us is a near 800 ft drop to the Colorado River below... or rocks... or both.

Well there you have it! Adventure #2 - Success! Blogging Format... slightly better!

2 Adventures down... 50 to go!

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