Friday, January 27, 2012

Spinning and Body Pump are cruel mistresses

Howdy everybody,

Happy Friday and to quote Rihanna, "Here's to the freakin' weekend."

I don't know how everyone else faired this week, but this one seemed like a long one.  I know it was no longer than any other specific week, but I have been dragging all week. 

I hite the gym on wednesday and thursday morning and boy was it a workout.  On Wednesday I did some Chest and abs before going in to a spin class.  Because of the time constraints on that pesky part of my day that I refer to as "work", I was only able to stay for 30 minutes.  That 30 minutes, however was pretty insane.  i dunno which spin instructor that was, but that old lady was killing us.

On Thursday there was a "Body Pump" class.  I was able to stay for all but the last 10 minutes before I had to "hit the showers", but man that one was a workout and a half.  For anyone unfamiliar with Body Pump, it basically boils down to this.  There is music that you work out to, which is normal.  The workout corresponds to the parts of the song.  Meaning that during the verses you do what is known as active rest... which is to say that you are doing reps, but they are slow and less impact.  During the chorus the reps become fast and intense. 

During Body pump you work out all the areas of your body.   Several songs are for legs, then chest, then arms, then abs/core.  The whole thing is done for 60 minutes straight and the weights used are extremely light.  Despite the light weights, the sheer volume of reps completed really kick your butt. 

I was familiar with Body pump, but it had been so long that I completely forgot how difficult it really is.  I highly recommend it, especially to the people that are intimidated by free weights.  Body pump is where aerobics meet weight lifting.  A few classes and I think anyone would feel confident going into the actual gym. 

The last bonus is that it is led by an instructor who has to be specifically certified by "Les Mills" (that is the specific brand of this class) to teach the class.  The instructor is required to be positive and help you set up if you are new.  It really is a great opportunity for a newcomer or just someone looking for something to change up a boring workout. 

My personal plan is to get 4 class a week between spin/core and more/ and body pump per week.  205 lbs... here i come.  Have a great Friday everybody and enjoy the weekend.

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