Saturday, March 10, 2012

Heeeeerrrreeee's KYLE!!! (Part 1)

Hello all!

I am back and in action. My mini goal this month has been to create more structure in my life so that I can find stuff to do that I like so that I am less stressed. Then I remembered way back when, Ryan and I were talking about how to get serious about working out my suggestion to him was to blog. This way other people who read the blog hold you accountable when you start slacking.... So this morning I thought to myself, "I guess I should take my own advice."

So here we go I am back and blogging, hope I stick around long enough to regain the status of Chief of Staff.

Today I got back in the gym:
I did my standard "back to working out run" I take it from the Couch to 5k work out plan but this time I used Garage Band on my Mac to mix my own 30 minute mix with cues of when to walk and jog. I started with Week 1 because it is pretty simple, 60 sec/90 sec jog/walk alternating for 30 minutes. It averages out to 2.5miles at the paces I do. I was worried about the muscle sprain I got from a bad fall in Vail would act up but so far so good.

Then I took to the machines/free weights:
25 quad pushes on the machine at 50 lbs
25 calf pushes on the machine at 50 lbs
20 dumbbell bench presses with 15lb free weights
12 dumbell pulls with 15lb free weights
15 pull downs on the machine at 40lbs
25 leg lift crunches on the bench
I repeated that 3x's each, needless to say I'll be hurting tomorrow.

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