Saturday, March 10, 2012

Heeeeerrrreeee's KYLE!!! (Part 2)

Since it has been so long since the last post I thought it would be good to break my post into two posts,Part 1 is my workout stuff, Part 2 is what I've done since my last post. (CAUTION: This one is long) I'm dedicating this post to Grams to make up for my absence over the past months :)

Started off with F1 Racing for Ryan's suprise birthday that Kristen did an awesome job planning.

Then I went to Disney with Josh (<- first appearance on the blog here!!). His Dad and uncle go every year for a golf weekend so I tagged along. It was tons of fun for a long weekend.
We flew in on Friday, played a round of golf at The Palm, Saturday hit the parks (Hollywood Studios & Epcot), Sunday played golf at Lake Buena Vista. I did horrible but the weather was nice, the carts were high tech, and the company was good.

Wrapped up Dec with a relaxing winter vacation. I even got out of the city to see Michael and Kathy. Josh met the family that night and he is still around so that's cool.

We rang in the New Year with his College friends and my roommate's friends in Charlestown at my current apartment.

If you look in the background you can see the freshly painted living room and kitchen.

The living room is 'sepia tan' and the kitchen is 'covington blue'

Josh and me went to Vail to go snowboarding for a long weekend with two other friends. We
stayed in a condo located in Lionshead Village. It was AMAZING! We flew out Thursday, stayed in Frisco, CO headed to Copper
Mountain on Friday then headed to Vail on Friday night. The
condo was located 100 ft from the gondola lift so it made the mornings so much more pleasant than the 5:00am call that you
get when you head to the mountain in NH from Boston.

On Friday night a blizzard came through. we got to spend some time in the village but called it an early night to allow the snow to do it's thing. When we

woke up the next morning the conditions were ABSOLUTELY perfect.
The girls split up from the guys so that we could go at our own paces - we
could not have asked for better luck! This has been the least amount of snow fall the Vail area has seen in years. The only scary thing about a blizzard coming through at 11,000 ft is that you get alerts about avalanches on your phone while skiing down the mountain.

I turned 26 this year. Nothing special for my birthday but the DMV did require me to get my picture retaken for my new license. I'm still trying to find out why but I recently have heard that no one else has to go at 26.... I finally have the horizontal ID though, I'm an adult!!

JP and Erika came out to Boston for a few days the week after my birthday! They say it was for a "wedding" but we all know their real motive. Who can resist celebrating my birth??? We spent a day in Boston which as always with the Dooley clan was an adventure.

And that brings us to March. I am going into Spring Break at work. I still work but it's very quiet on campus! No plans for St. Patty's day yet but I'm sure there will be something going on in the city :)

My most recent news is that I am hopefully booking a flight to Ireland within the next few days and if everything goes smoothly I will be leaving on March 25th for 8 days in Ireland. We will be landing in Dublin and exploring as much as we can while we are there.

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