Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey Everybody,

So the world has been rapidly spinning on its axis and there is a lot happening. 

So... I switched jobs again.  This time its actually working out extremely well.  I love the job, and it brings me back to my roots in the industry.  So, yay for me.

On the fitness side of things....

For anyone who really hasn't been paying attention to facebook, the Surgeon General and I have been doing Crossfit.  I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for a total body workout that doesn't require several hours at the gym.  Anyone who has see P90X and said "that looks good" would definitely fit right in. 

So the basic premise is that crossfit is a combination of bodyweight and weighted exercises.  A lot of the techniques have a background in gymnastics.  There are times where you do hand stands and climb the ropes, but you also do the basic abs and pushups. 

The exercise sessions are 1 hour long and are broken into several parts.  The warm up which is a lot of calisthenics, not unlike pre-game for sports.  The mobility drill, which is usually a progression of how to do certain exercises (i.e. squats) followed by a few light sets.  Then the Work Out of the Day, or WOD, as it is commonly reffered.... best part is the whole thing is no more than an hour. 

I am fired up because it is such a team environment, with a lot of comradery, and fun activities.  This is the first time I've been motivated to go to the gym for getting healthy, rather than training for an event.  Best part about this is that I'm getting healthy and should an event come up... I'm already where I need to be. 

I always thought this thing would be very cult like, but it really is just a fun way to get healthy, make friends, and surprse yourself.  I've have officially worked out with people from 20 years old to 50+.  It is the proof positive that your age is just a number.

The Surgeon general and I have also decided to take part in another portion of the crossfit lifestyle.

The crossfitters all push this "paleo diet".  If you are really interested then you should just google it and it comes up with alll kinds of info.  The quick and dirty version though... You can only eat what was available during the caveman times.  There are some add ons that you should avoid, but it basically breaks down to nuts, berries, beef, chicken, fish, fruits, and veggies.  It's all healthy stuff and the only things you avoid heavily is dairy and grain.  There is research to back it up and I've checked with my doctors (all of em) and they said it shouldn't do anything but good for you....  So with that said.

Day 1...
Today starts the Paleo diet.  The Surgeon General and I are embarking on 2 months of Paleo eating, and trying to be as strict as possible to it.  There are going to be several departures from the diet because we chose to start with Thanksgiving, My birthday, and christmas in the mix.  I like to think that if we do it right, those 3 items will not be that big of an issue. 

Up side - Sleep Better, complexion improve, lose weight, reduce cholesterol, lose weight, blood pressure, lose weight, prevent things like diabetes, and did i mention... lose weight.

Down side -  No more dunks sandwiches... no subs, no pizza, no soda, etc...

So we hit the gym early today and it just so happened to be a benchmark workout at crossfit... meaning this workout is a signature crossfit workout that is used to benchmark progress.  1 rep = 5 pullups, 10 pushups, & 15 air squats.  The goal is to do as many reps as you can in 20 minutes.  My *ss was sufficiently smoked after that. 

We did a paleo quiche for breakfast, which I also ate for lunch (eh, it was decent), and then paleo chili for dinner.  The chili rocked. 

So far I have only drank water today, and I think the absence of caffeine is the cause for this nagging headache.  Its minor, but noticeable. 

So day 1 is about to be in the books and it was a 100% Paleo day... 1 down, 59 to go.  God save us.

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