Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paleo Day 2 --- Hungry...

Good Evening folks,

So,  Day 2 of the Whitcomb Terrace Paleo adventure.

Myself and the Surgeon General have been able to maintain the Paleo lifestyle for a second day straight.  I am shocked to realize that when you aren't able to eat fast food... You notice every freaking McD's, BK, Dunks, etc...  

I'm like 15 minutes into this challenge and it takes a lot of thought to prevent yourself from just grabbing that damned bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant... Getting hungry just typing this.

Anyways... long day of sales calls, but I was able to make it back in time for Crossfit.  We did a benchmark workout again and holy crap...  In addition we worked on hand stands.  Rocked it out hard, like a champ...

Paleo meals today -
-3 hard boiled eggs
-2 trail mix packs
- bag of sunflower seeds
-Tilapia, w/ asparagus, and Salad.

Zero Soday for the past 48 hours.  God save us all...  the cafeine headaches...  Like Kid Rock said, "To all my heroes at the methodone clinic"

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