Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 3... Rest, restless, reset

Just another day here in the commonwealth.... chilly, but nice.

"work work work all day long, work work work while I sing this song" - -Adam Sandler

I know I am getting a little addicted to Crossfit when I get a little pissed that I can't go.  I was probably due for a day off anyways, but still...

Coach J and Dani are going to the Zoning board so the afternoon schedule ( for anyone who doesn't know me i prefer to pronounce it Shed-jew-el) didn't quite fit into the life of a busy sales person of the maritime industry.

I figure the Zoning board is pretty mundane stuff, but I like to imagine that J and Dani had to go all ADA  Jack McCoy from the older Law & Orders.  Declaring the whole freaking system is out of order.  Randomly throwing out stuff like, "Yea I killed em, and I hope they burn in hell."

I hope everyone got the three court room references.... if not... well then you're just not making the most of your Dooley Noted experience.

Back in the real world, I am not sure what the reason for the zoning meeting is, but good luck Coach J/Dani (celebrity name of Danay / Jayell.... eh... working on it)

In addition the Paleo day 3 continues... still no soda... on the plus side, no headache until about an hour ago, which reminded me to blog.  I wonder exactly what my body thinks is happening to it without the traditional 120 to 160 oz of caffeine.  I like to think of my body as a series of teams controlling individual functions... In addition they have all unionized and there is not harmonies in the locals. 

I imagine the local 106 in my brain sitting around drinking coffee and smoking and saying... "you know what, I bet this is all the fault of that slack ass local 227 down in the lungs.  You know they always try to screw us... Can't take a little carcinogens, and bam no nicotine for us.  F" it... we're going on strike."

... But I've been able to maintain paleo strong with the following meals throughout the day:

-3 hardboiled eggs w/ pepper and hotsauce
-1 piece of left over fish & bowl of chili
-salad w/ cukes and grilled chicken
-3 scrambled eggs and steak tips (actually it turned out to be "chuck" whatever that is, but I thought I was buying steak tips... soooooo we'll pretend)

All Paleo... all pretty good... the water is as tasty as ever.