Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tallest midget syndrome

Howdy folks....

Just kicking around and wanted to throw a blog on the fire.

The schedule was crazy this weekend.  Juan Philipe and wife came to town and that was an adventure.  I wont say much because I assume he will bring everyone up to speed upon his arrival in the land of wealth and dreams that is Las Vegas.

On the homefront, we have got a tree.  No ornaments up yet because we've been straight running like crazy the past few days.  There aint no rest for the wicked...

And we are wicked cool.

So... as the days are just cruising along I can say that all is well with the work.  The new gig is pretty sweet and althought it is extremely challenging... It's pretty much the only way I can survive.  I get bored with mundane, easy tasks.  I need to learn and grow and basically get my ass handed to me on a regular basis.  If I don't then I don't respect myself. 

My personal view is that if what you're doing is easy, then you should be doing more.  I call it the tallest midget syndrome... Would you rather be a middle of the road artist with works hanging in a museum, or be the best damn finger painter around with stuff hanging on your own fridge.  Me personally, I would rather be ok at something that not everyone can do. 

But hey... that is just me and I say to each his/her own.   So be the best finger painter... but remember the old adage...  "Good.  Better.  Best.  Never let it rest.  Till your Good is better than your Best."

It's Deep.

So in the crossfitting world... I got smoked in today's workout.  Crazy shuttle run sprints (300 m) then 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2 reps of Power clean squats.  Holy Hell batman!

Greatest part of the day though is sitting on the couch in the foyer on the way out.  No one is mad.  Everyone is beat and all smiles.  That is the reason I have no problem making it to crossfit as opposed to having to be dragged out for workouts in the past.  When you are surrounded by people who want to do something, and want you to succeed... Well its pretty awesome. 

So check out the new link if you haven't already.  Crossfit 781 is one of my new links on the left.  Have a day my friends.

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  1. Who is the tallest midget in the room, and if they step in a goofer hole they will be shorter than the rest of the midgets...