Thursday, September 5, 2013

There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes.

Aside from that being one of the best songs of the 90's...

What is good in the virtual hood known more familiarly as the blog-o-sphere?  I wrapped work today and came into the living room with no particular expectations of glory.  The day was done for the most part.  Work check, work out check... what more could a man do with his day.

Then there it was... a light on the horizon. That scene where one Jonathan Moxon sat reading "Slaughterhouse 5" and then from a seated position fired a football across a field.  That is correct folks.  The classic piece of American from the year of the lord 1999 A.D. (or whatever year the jewish calendar says)....

VARSITY BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this movie.  First time I saw this bad larry was in the theatres at the Silver City Galleria.  I

mean that is where it was at on a Friday night in Raynham.  Ali Larter's debut.  Amy Smart as a red head.  Scott Kahn and Jon Voit.  The black guy and whoever played Billy Bob.  Most notably Mr. Van der Beak at the height of his Dawson-ocity.

Gotta say this one is a crafted masterpiece. In a time where people were wowed by the creepy thriller POV likings of Blair Witch Project, we still hustled out a real gem in VB.  AS the cool kids call it.  So here is your trivia.  If you google  it you are cheating.  So challenge yourself America...

1) What is Tweeter's 1st name? (only said twice in the movie)
2) What R&B hit is playing during the infamous "whipped Cream" bikini scene? (ironically paralleling the decision to cheat on his girlfriend)
3)  Name 5 of the names that Jonathan Moxon uses for the male erection in the Sex ED scene.
4)  What adjectives does Tweeter use to describe Ms. Davis' stage performance at the club (he only uses 2)
5)  Where did Lance have a full scholarship to, before blowing out his knee?

In addition to my love of 90's film... I also have good news. 

As part of my Fitness Adventure Hike - Quest (FAH-Q)... I have rejoined CF781.  I am hoping to regain some sense of fitness in an otherwise crazy world.

I started on Tuesday and was able to go Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday... I am sore like you read about.  Good Sore.  But Sore.

Hoping to offset the workouts with some Cardio Mayhem with the infamous Senor Smileye.  Looking forward to getting the Bike/Track workouts in the afternoon.  This will be my own little double session, hard knocks, boot camp.

It the words of Rick Ross, "Everyday I'm hustling, hustling, hustle, hustling, hustling."

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