Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hey ho everybody,

Another Triumphant return to the blogosphere.  I hope this is a long running stint and don't foresee any major hiccups.  So lets get everybody caught up on what's been going on.

Strained my shoulder at CF so I ended up taking time off again.  I have a membership at Bayshore Atheltic Club (BAC), and wouldn't you know it... they finally got their Crossfit off the ground.  The surgeon general and I are now proud members of the "Bayshore Crossfit".

 Highly recommend it.  Coaches have been great, Workouts have been top notch... and you might even get a glimpse of the ever elusive Dools... if you're lucky.  For what some say is myth, others confirm as true.  Doesn't get much deeper than that.

In addition to the change in boxes, I've also been let go from Hamburg Sud as part of an unfortunate Lay off... no worries though, I've got an offer from another company here in Boston.  Yours Truly will not be departing the commonwealth anytime in the near future.  So it is all up hill from here...

Sidenote I think that expression is a bit of a misnomer isn't it...  "its all downhill from here" means it's going to get worse, where as going down hill is not only easier, but also fun in most sports involving a hill.  Ask any snowboarder or bobsledder, and going uphill kind of... well... sucks.  Anyways, not my call to make, but I hope everyone takes a good moment to think about that and agree with me...  to those who disagree....  too bad, get your own blog.

Back to business... unfortunate side effects of sedentary job, injury, and lets face it... out right laziness has added some poundage to the old mid section.  Aggressive goals have been set for the summer, as there are weddings to attend (oh yes... more weddings... so prepare for rants and my own blue collar review of the pending nuptials), triathlons to compete in, Falmouth road race...  and a very specific picture I want to take so that I can post it side by side of one of our favorite celebrities.

Moral of the story is big doings afoot!

Additionally we'll be re-vamping blogtown USA here, with some new additions from our "official Choreographer and technical advisor" as she parlays her skills into the fitness world.  Not to mention everyone's favorite movie reviewer returning with "Rated D's".  (I haven't told him but he's doing it or he'll be receiving several calls every morning to wake him up.  PLease note he is in pacific time and I am in eastern... so my 7 am is his 3 am)

As we said back at the Academy... "who motivates the motivator? The motivated motivates the motivator!" 

So onward and upward my good folks, and in the words of Sammy L. Jackson in Jurassic Park, "hang on to your butts."

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