Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How do I go from Cholera to Hawaii... in word... Briliantly

Good Morning all...

So here is today's situation... Totally chit chatted my way into being a little behind schedule.  Hit the road and traffic was backed up essentially to my front door.  I gave the old bob and weave, Charleston shuffle, and even the Tuscaloosa swivel... but to no avail... I was not able to make the Niner class for Crossfit.

Team "this guy" is re-grouping back at the lair and new plan has me hitting the box at 4:30.  So watch out world cuz my plan is to wreck the house this afternoon.  So do not be alarmed if there are multiple blogs today.

In other news though we got some great responses on yesterdays blog Return.  You may or may not know this, but we are a national entity.  The Dooley Noted nation spread across the country like "love in the time of cholera".  Not the movie, the actual disease.  Horrible stuff... I've actually never seen the movie, but I've been watching that show "Revolution" and that stuff will take down a city.  Point being that this blog is so good it will kill you and everyone you know.  I fear this simile (yes it is a simile because it used "like or as") took a dark turn... so I'm going to press on.

Realistically though we have a lot of people from a lot of places contributing.  My brother from the same mother doing movie reviews out of vegas... The Ying to his Yang hawking her healthy wares on the top left portion of the screen... and we have a life coach in network.  Just saying for a start up operation we actually look fairly legitimate.  So if anyone needs money laundered... we've already got the front.

Far more important a big shout out to our fans on the mysterious foreign land of Hawaii... Pablo Diablo and Mamma Donnie just doing business out there, living on the top of extinct volcanoes (that is what the chain of islands is.. read a book people).  All kidding aside though those two natives are getting it done, coaching at Blue Coast, and living the life out there.  So anyone in the neighborhood stop by... and say "aloha" (it means hello and good bye... I know I know.... confusing as hell... but we are nothing if not tolerant of other's culture). 

Just tell them you know "Dooley Noted"... You'll be surfing and dowing poi like its your job in no time. 

Anyways,  that's it for now folks... check back later with an update on  how ripped diesel I'm getting. Mahalo.

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