Monday, April 21, 2014

Courtesy Laughs... the lost art.

Marathon Monday mayhem...

How goes it blogosphere?  All is well here in the commonwealth for

this little monkey.  I ate like a champ yesterday thanks to the Surgeon General's family.  Antipasto, lasagna, sausages of varying meets, ice cream cake... essentially I ate like I was staring at the electric chair and knew the governor was out of town.

Anyone who didn't get the reference will be mocked... so quick advice is to "courtesy laugh" and roll with it...

Side note digression in 3. 2. 1.... what is with that particular skill anyway?  I hate when people don't throw up a courtesy laugh.  Guess what... I rarely find anyone else all that funny, but as a good person I make sure they feel like their ATTEMPT at humor was at least received and noted.  I mean sure I talk a lot... so not all of them are going to be comedy gold, but statistically speaking I am holding several batting titles in the game of "saying funny things". 

I read it as a big F you when people just stare blankly and wait for the conversation to move on... as if to say "no, try again later" with their eyes.  My solution to this has evolved into me just staring right back at them. Typically the person will wait 5 or 6 seconds and then ask if something is wrong.  (try to look at someone in the eyes for 5 seconds in silence... its an eternity)  I will respond with "No, its your turn.  I tried to be funny... you're implying I failed.  So now you show me the correct way to do it... take your time, i'll wait, but please don't break eye contact until I laugh."

That usually ends the conversation.. but they'll think twice about not fake chuckling next time.  I don't expect the world to be adept at courtesy laughs... we're only looking for effort here. 

Anyways... I hit it early today.  Got up, did a few chores, Gymski for a 15 minute Amrap.  Which subsequently left me lying on my back questioning my life's decisions that lead me to voluntarily participating in Crossfit.  Seriously tough work out... for info on it, check the Bayshore Crossfit facebook page... Roof  Stoof my friends. 

Good news is my shoulder, elbows, and knees all felt fine... my respiratory, and cardiological processes definitely not on par... but hey we are looking at silver linings.  All good stuff.

Looks like me and some maritimers are heading into the city to support the home team and the warriors fighting through 26.2 miles of hell.  Good for all who are "doing that which is hard" today.  Get at it.  Here's to them and everyone have fun and be safe out there.

Seacrest Out!

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