Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Facebook is destroying the world... and portugal is bugging me

So... I have had an unexpected amount of free time on my hands.  This has lead me to peruse the internet and determine some key information fragments.

1)  Facebook is probably going to be the downside of society.  Not so much the actual program itself, as the incidental stupidity it causes.  Back in the days prior to the ever present opportunity to post pictures, you learned one very simple golden rule... "whatever you do... DON'T GET CAUGHT."  This taught children a very real truth about life.  Evidence is the enemy, not parents... and possession is hard to argue against.

I will never claim to have been smarter or less wreckless than kids of today, but I will say this with the utmost certainty.  We were way better at keeping physical evidence to a minimum.  If you wanted to definitively get caught... they had to catch you red handed, in the act. 

Now adays parents just need to wait 6 hours after suspicion and check facebook.  Seriously young'ns... I mean, I say party on and live life the same way people always have... but be smarter than the machine. 

Parents have also gotten complacent.  Since you can just pull up a direct feed of your children's thoughts and actions, I think there is little motivation to try and pre-emptively strike down bad ideas.  Get a head of the ball, and maybe when they say they are going to a sleep over at a friends house on a Friday to do homework...  ask yourself why?  

I don't have kids, so my words lack credibility... but take this for what it's worth.  When they build computer systems, they hire the hackers that found a way around the system... look at me in that vein... just saying kids have never, nor will ever do homework with other people....  

2)  Barstool Sports is some of the funniest stuff on the internet (www.Barstoolsports.com).  I'll give

you this, that from time to time it is written in an overly crass way.  Credit where credit is due though... They find the funniest stuff on the web to comment on. 

Highly recommend it.  I'm not even going into details on why just yet.  I think everyone should just go and read.  Honest opinion its a better read for men than women, but "know your enemy" ladies...  I have to say, if you want to know what is really cooking behind a dude's eyes... this is your glimpse into the male psyche.

3)  Can we all agree that Portugal is actually just the Connecticut of Spain.  I mean it is a cut out of an existing country.  It is in my opinion the equivalent of Connecticut saying --

"Screw it, we are our own country.  We'll look very similar.  Be surrounded on land by another country making us in a bit of a pickle, militarily.  And... we are going to change the language ever so slightly... it'll sound almost the same as the neighboring country, but we will be god damned if you can't tell the difference in the first 3 sentences... We'll lose our minds and be wildly offend."

I have no particular problem with Portugal... Just frustrating how upset they get when you can't identify them as Portuguese, off the bat.  So I say... calm down.

Below is their recent "Drone Program"  getting launched... er maybe not so much.

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