Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jurassic Park, Wall Balls... what is happening in the world

Another Big Day in the world for this guy...

Mixed metaphor incoming in 3...2...1...

Some people say life is an adventure... I think life is like Jurassic Park... If you want to "spare no expense" and sit in the lap of luxury, sipping cucumber water, with Mr. Hammond and "newman" from friends, then eventually a dinosaur will eat your face.  (literally and metaphorically)

If you work hard, and go toe to toe with the raptors, you'll be rewarded handsomely with bad sequel after bad sequel. 

I recognize that is my 3rd Jurassic Park reference in the last month, but I can't help it.  JP is life... life is JP.  All kidding aside, I find that when I go after it hard I feel better.... win lose or draw I feel better for trying.  If I come up short then I know I did everything I could, and if I win... I am an unbearable sore winner.  So either way,  "whether you're the lion, or the gazelle... when the sun comes up you better be running (metaphorically)". 

Gymski... was the name of the game today.  Woke up a little late, but was able to wrestle my lazy bones into some state of order and get underway for an asskicker of a WOD (workout of the day).  Today was really centered around a 1 rep max on the back squat. 

For anyone not familiar the back squat is when the weight is behind your head on your shoulders and you squat as heavy a weight as possible 1 time.  It sounds ridiculous to people on the outset, but realistically it is a great measure of strength and if done properly with good form, it is not dangerous.  to quote the crossfit gods... "heavy weight isn't dangerous, bad form is dangerous."

I got a PR (personal record) today and I am please as pecan pie in Pittsburgh... and noticeably alliteration happy.  Couldn't be happier with my performance.  That juice carried me through the wod in which we alternated every minute on the minute with "Knees to bar" (or scalings) & Wall balls.  I was seriously juiced because I blasted through and did both sides unbroken.   

Only thing left to say... "yea, I went hard today."  (By the way... I love pictures of babies doing workouts... so don't be surprised.)

So now it is off to lunch with mom and Grams....   Trying to spread the love and make sure everyone gets enough Ryan in their life.  i'll check back in later with an Urban Dictionary Word of the day. 

Get at it boys and girls and get your fitness on!

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