Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hump Day Hollah! Find Your Why...

It’s the Hump-Day Hollah! 

For all you “normal” worker bees out there, Wednesday is your Hump Day!  And, I'm sure as you slide down the workday hill, at some point you resist the urge to find the token “Mike” in your office and make him "guess what day it is...?"  Or maybe you work from home and you ask the same questions to your cat.  Don't lie.  I, on the other hand, am not a normal worker bee.  This bee works for the circus so you know what that means:  my days are nights, my midweek is in the weekend... and my coworkers are Olympic medalists who dress as royalty while backflipping over fire... blindfolded... in rollerblades.  Crazy right?  I mean, who has a Sunday on Wednesday?  Strange world...  

"Disney's Wall-E" 
Well, this weekend I’ve been thinking less about the "M-C-A" more about "The Why”.  After waking up several times this week to sore muscles and an appetite for anything in sight, I began to wonder:  WHY do we do this to ourselves?  WHY do we torture ourselves by running on strange machines that literally move us nowhere?  WHY do we resist the urge to never not be eating chocolate and drinking beer?  WHY don’t we just give up and give in? WHY can’t we all just be old and fat driving around in our scooters drinking our sodas?  WHY is the show still called "24" if it's only coming back for 12 episodes?  WHY?

I actually found my WHY to be pretty simple:  just to be healthy.  Sounds pretty basic, but that simple concept extends so far.  The saying goes, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything,” right?  Don't get me wrong:  I am working to look good in that yellow polka-dot bikini and not have to cling to my cover-up this summer at the beach and that's a great goal to have.  But in the end (or the beginning, for that matter), my why is about how my insides are doing.  The better the insides, the better the outside... And wouldn't you rather spend more time outside than inside a doctor’s office?  With the exception of normal check-ups, even the healthiest of us would rather spend that money earned on Hump Day on something more fun.  Or delicious.  Like chocolate.  Or cookies.  Chocolate covered cookies.  I love chocolate.

"No words... Should've sent a Poet..."
Plus I’ve heard that I’m a much nicer person to be around after a good workout.  Something about endorphins…  When I didn't work out, I used to try to duplicate that bubbly personality with a little coffee or diet soda pick me up, but it was never quite the same.  Well, with the help of AdvoCare's amazing products, I have successfully cut out all coffee and soda from my diet and am working out longer and harder in the gym.  So many birds, one stone!

Lastly, the "WHY" I get asked the most is usually "Why Advocare?"  Like "why are you spending so much time on a new business when you already have your crazy, roller-blade, backflip, blindfolded, full-time Circus job?"  But again, the answer is pretty simple:  AdvoCare rocks!  On top of the effective products (which I experience first hand), AdvoCare has some amazing endorsers like: NFL's Drew Brees & CrossFit's Rich Froning Jr., to name a couple and it can change your life!  Yeah, I know, I hear ya.  And by that I mean I hear the collective skeptical scoff that usually follows a statement like that, but that don't mean it ain't true!  Not to brag (well, maybe just a humble-brag) but just last month I earned an extra $1,000 and I'm on track to earn a $4,000 a month by January of 2015.  That change I was talking about?  That's the one.  Stress goes down and smiles go up!

Let's work together to find your WHY.  You know the drill (upper left hand corner)  or just go ahead and message me, call me, send me a letter and I'd be happy to help!  Why?  'Cause Why shouldn't you feel this way, too?  

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