Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fat Guy in a Little Coat.... Richard whats happening...

Hey Everybody,

Another relatively frosty day here in the commonwealth.  Keeping it Chilly almost all the way into May.  Everyone has been whining and moaning about the bouncing back and forth on the temperatures, and all I can say is... Get over it already...

Do not get me wrong, I was absolutely shocked to see such a drastic 50 degree temperature swing.  That is weird for any state, but my real concern is the people who seem legitimately angry or concerned.  It is hard for me restrain myself from verbally accosting these people.

First and foremost, what could you possibly do about the scenario?  That's right nothing, so suck it up cupcake!  Secondly, what... is it your first day?  First time seeing a Massachusetts weather shift?  Thirdly, if it is that bad... pack up your blah blah and take it to the blah blah-ologist.  We are all in this "SS Minnow" together so try and keep it together Gilligan.

Again, don't get me wrong, I have the exact same feeling toward the people that incessantly comment on the good weather.  Typically it's the elderly, but what are you gonna do?  You can't pop off at an octogenarian or you get marked for life. 

As we say in the business, just smile and nod and wait common sense bus to roll on by.

Aside from my ranting and raving... all else is good.  Hit the Gym last night and today and got my WOD swerve on.  Last night I got to throw some weight around... literally... while doing a WOD (work out of the day) at the Bayshore Crossfit.  The wod involved Wall Balls, Turkish Get ups, and Box jump overs. 

Naturally being the coordinated, no nonsense, light on my feet dude that I am... I banged into a box and went "ass over tea-kettle" tumbling to the ground.  I feel like I was a ninja rolling to the ground, but I am sure it was more like when you see a drunk girl roll her ankle off a curb and do the flailing nose dive into a taxi quarter-panel.

After typing that I took 2 minutes to chuckle, because I am sure everyone over the age of 18 has seen that happen at least once.  NO matter how bad it makes me sound... it is always funny. Injury or not... you cannot see that happen and not laugh.  It's like keeping your eyes open while sneezing.  Can't be done.

Despite some bumps and bruises I hit it again today.  We did "Fran" which is 21-15-9 (thrusters/pull ups).  I had to modify down to only the 45lb bar because of my shoulder, and also Ring Rows because frankly it is hard to pull 275lbs of man up.  I'm working on it though.

So that's the deal for the day.  Not much to say beyond that as we roll into the weekend.  I'm heading to the cape to help with some cleaning of Nana Pat's house.  Should be work, but also a good time with some family / Scorpion Bowl time at the end.

I'll be back on the Blogosphere this weekend, but in case people don't check in (sacrilege!) To all my catholic friends have a happy easter!  To all my jewish friends, don't worry about it! To all the atheists, since you won't be going to mass this weekend, please look up how the bunny got connected to Easter... and eggs.  Face facts... bunnies don't lay eggs. 


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