Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What the heck is AdvoCare?!?!

Big shout out to DooleyNoted's Cover Boy for starting this blog back up!  I loved reading it in the past and now I’m pumped to be sharing my story of how I got involved with AdvoCare! 

In the beginning ( well, a couple of months ago...), I came to the realization that I got fat. Okay, maybe not fat... maybe not roll me down the aisles, but super unhealthy and uncomfortable in my own skin chubby.  As a former showgirl and professional dancer, I was used to always being in shape as I was constantly working out at work.  I never had to watch what I ate and always had a six pack. I had it good and had no idea.  Ahhhh youth.... 

Does my hippo-ness make my butt look fat?
After this humbling realization, I started researching some options and different ways to lose some of this extra poundage.  The problem is: it seemed that I had tried every weight loss avenue and either lacked the will power or just couldn't survive on lemon and Cayenne pepper alone!  I was on a mission... a mission to find something to help my bulging waistline.  It was after all a new year and I had ambitions of frolicking in the summer surf in a schweet yellow polka dot bikini.  

That's when Serina, a childhood friend of mine, and her husband, Jahmal, told me about AdvoCare and what it had done for their family. Jahmal, a former Marine, had lost over 40 pounds on product and together they were making an extra $10-12,000 a month.  What!?! After chatting with them, I saw an opportunity to not only lose some much needed weight on products but more importantly gain financial freedom. Who doesn’t want financial freedom? Come on!

In January, I hopped on the AdvoCare train and really haven't looked back since.  I immediately started myself and my hubby on product.  In the first 24 days (as part of the "24 Day Challenge") I lost a whopping 10lbs. and 6 inches (3 in my waist!) and he lost 13lbs. and 9 inches (4 in his chest)!  After that we were pretty much sold.  In fact, we are still on product and that yellow bikini is already starting to fit better already!  Hopefully he'll let me try it on one of these days...  On top of that we've been coffee and soda-free since starting.  We are rock stars who don't need to drink "Rock Star"!!!  BAM!   

If you're like my husband who needed some extra convincing, check out AdvoCare’s endorsers and medical board for more proof that it works by visiting

AdvoCare isn’t just a product though, it’s a financial opportunity. By just sharing with friends and family I am currently making an extra $1000 a month working part-time from home and am on track to make an extra $4000 a month by January of 2015. Double BAM!!!! 

So look, it’s worth taking a gander at.  Everyone I know is eager to make more money and/or lose some weight, you probably know some as well.  If that's true, check out the upper left side of this blog and send me a message.  I would love to help you achieve your physical goals (read: get you all sexified!) and also if you're interested making some extra $$$, I can help you with that, too!  

So cheers to new beginnings and rocking that yellow polka dot bikini...

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