Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dooley Noted- Chief of Staff - Week in Review

Good Morning Everybody,

Dooley Noted's Chief of Staff chimed in with her weekly update.  Way to go Kyle.  Strong start on the challenge.  Keep up the good work... and how cool is it that "Silent Killers" rides again in May. 

If anyone talks to the girls lax coach at Thayer, tell her game on... May 8th... Hopkinton... Be there.

Kyle's Week 1 Check in
This week went pretty well. I struggled to find the time to get in all 500 so unfortunately I didn't meet the initial goal but my personal goal was just to get started, check!
The days I did get to work out I felt good. I can't believe how quickly the body will lose the strength, i started off doing lunges with 12 pound weights like I was doing in october and quickly found that I had to slow down and work my way back into it. I now do 50 lunges with out weights, 25 with 10 pound weights and 25 without weights again. I'm going to keep that routine for one more week and then push it up to 50 with 10 pound weights. Nothing says you have to do them with weights, just a personal goal of mine.

I think to compensate for what I missed this first week and mostly just so i know in my mind that I will meet the 3000 goal I am going to add 10-20 of each exercise per day sporadically over the next couple of weeks.

I started classes this week and found out that all of my classes are wrapping up before May 8th so I have decided I am going to do the Hopkinton Triathalon with Ryan! I believe Kristen is doing the Duathalon on that day as well. I am super excited to know that I'm actually going to be able to join them. Training helps me burn off the stress from work and school so I'm looking forward to getting back into it. I am heading over to the Huntington Ave YMCA today to get a membership, I found out they have a pool with a lot of Adult Lap swim times that fit into my schedule.

I caught a ride over to the Shaw's with some of the guys yesterday and stocked up on Lean Cuisine's, Smartones, and microwavable frozen veggies. I know they aren't the best to eat every day all day but they will stop me from buying lunch at work each day and dinner on the nights with class. In the long run they are better than the subs i get from the place at work and my wallet appreciates it as well! Hopefully the pounds will start dropping with all these new changes. I'll use the weekends to take advantage of some of those recipes you all are posting - keep them coming!! I really like Ryan's blog - the entries are making me laugh and keeping me motivated to continue/start my training.

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves and staying warm.
Can't wait to hear about your first weeks!!

<3 Ky

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